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I just, first of all, want to thank everyone for waiting while we got the building done in spawn and it is definitely worth the wait. I hope you all are as excited as I am to have spawn reopened, so I hope to see the majority of players tonight at the event planned. 


Spawn wouldn't have been finished without the hard work of some people and they know who they are and I'm sure the community will join me and thanking them for all their hard work. ❤️


There are a few more builds that still need to be done but we are on track to hopefully finish season one within the next couple of months then move on to season two [which plot-wise I can't wait to play it out] 



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 _Catalyst_Stars •   20 days ago •  35

Hello! I am Project Lead Catalyst, I am here with a bit of an update about the server!

It has been a while that the server has had a big RP Event and it is getting a bit quiet on the server. We are working really hard on the storyline and we have written as far as the season 2 finale, Please be patient as we begin to reopen spawn, For now, I will not give a deadline to prevent any type of burnout or miscommunication. But what is coming, Is very big. We are excited to see all of the community's reactions for what is to come.

Stay tuned for the Recap video that will be on the way shortly! we will be covering from September 11th up until the midseason finale and a little bit after for any side RP events. For now, Stay saf...

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Welcome to DivineTales!
 Snow •   about 1 month ago •  63

Welcome to DivineTales!

DivineTales is a Medieval Roleplay server with custom lore, spells, and a well-written story. It takes place in the Land of Valera which is inhabited with many races, Its vast land holds many ancient secrets and mysteries, Will you discover and uncover the secrets this land holds? Or will you fall to dark magic? 

DivineTales is currently in Season 1 hoping to move to season 2 very shortly, some of the many features we have is listed below with more to come soon so we hope to see you on the server!


Season 1:

- Custom Texture pack

- Well written lore

- Dungeons

- Magic/Mana system

- Custom quests

- Many landscapes/RP areas...

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